Moonshine DnB was created by Oscar Salazar (DJ Ozzy) and Bob Vandevliet (DJ) as an organization for Drum and Bass events we call Moonshine. Before, Bob and his friend Connor Reichgelt (DJ) had already running their online Drum and Bass livestream/radiostation called Chairstream.com, livestreaming more or less every other Friday evening. After several discussions, we decided to bring things to the next level. The name for our events “Moonshine” came as an idea from Oscar, to make some resemblance to the moon and space travel. So the name is a bit of an inside joke, since it is not directly related to the Moonshine drink.

We threw our successful first event the 9th of September 2016 and every three months or so since then. Besides DJ’ing, Oscar has been doing most of the networking part and Bob more of the technical fulfillment, graphical designing, photographing and building this website as he is freelance developer.

Along the first few events, we adopted some awesome other guys to help Moonshine become greater and greater. Now we have Niels Mol helping with lights, decor and visuals. We have Jeroen Woltjes helping making graphical designs, taking photographs, footage’s, editing aftermovies and visuals. And we have Gijs van ‘t Ende (DJ Jake Finn) who is also doing DJ’ing, a lot of networking and actively manages Moonshine on social media.

We are proud to be Moonshine! In the following years, we’d like to grow bigger and be part of local festivals and well known events. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our Facebook page for the latest news and.. don’t forget to like us 😉 We hope to see you at our upcoming events!